Security/Access Control

Fortner Communications installs, maintains, and repairs all types of security systems. We have over 25 years of security system and access control experience in most industries, so you can trust Fortner to design a system that provides the right level of security for your business.

Why Choose Fortner?
We know you have many choices for your security needs. Here are a few reasons Fortner Communications
is your best choice.
  • All Fortner technicians are employees, not sub-contractors, with in-depth experience in all environments. We guarantee you will receive professional, competent service from our trusted experts.
  • We specialize in system integration. When your fire alarm, nurse call, CCTV, sound, and security equipment are all working together, they will provide maximum coverage and protection.
  • We offer optional UL (Underwriters Laboratory) monitoring. All communications are time/date stamped and integrated with your alarm system.
  • We offer 24/7 maintenance and repair, even if you didn’t buy it from us! Our well-equipped vans carry a full inventory of products and supplies to resolve your problem quickly.
  • We ensure our system installations are code-compliant. We also offer ongoing compliance inspections, documentation, and issue resolution.

Access Control

Our technicians have many years of experience with fire codes, building codes, and common practices for most industries, so we can design the perfect fire alarm system using the latest technology. We can also integrate other systems for peak efficiency and safety, including Security, CCTV,

Enhance your security system with an Access Control system from Fortner Communications. Your custom-designed system gives you the power to limit or grant access to each employee, based on authorization level. You can control access in many different ways:

  • Access to a specific building, or an entire complex
  • Access only through assigned doors / entrances
  • Time-specific access, such as Monday - Friday only (no weekend access)
  • Access can be documented for review or audit

We offer a full range of entry options, including magnetic locks with keypads, fingerprint and retinal scanners, and card readers. Our security experts will work with you to determine your security needs, then recommend the right combination of products.

Your Access Control system will provide additional protection and safety when it’s integrated with your fire alarm or closed circuit TV (CCTV) system. In a setting such as a nursing home or residential care facility, an integrated system adds invaluable flexibility. For example, magnetic locks with keypads allow employees to enter and exit, but prevent residents from using the doors. However, an integrated system allows you to program those same doors to unlock in an emergency to ensure a safe and rapid evacuation. Your Fortner technician can also integrate CCTV products to increase the level of security with continuous monitoring.

Call Fortner Communications today to find out more about security systems and access control.